Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Footy News Links

In your face stories from the world of football

Best of the mid-week headlines from around web:
  • Pompey given seven-day stay of execution, can you be relegated before the season is over??? (ESPN)
  • Chamakh is a red, then a gunner, now maybe a gunner - who knows (ESPN)
  • Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has WAGs in body paint (Dirty Tackle)
  • Top 5 Laziest players in the premier league, no surprise Berbatov tops the list (Who Ate all the Pies)
  • Fabregas to Barcelona? No deal yet... this is beginning to look like the Real Ronaldo fiasco (Goal)
  • Ronaldo rejected Barcelona before joining Real Madrid - good or bad decision on his part?? (Daily Mail)
  • For all you Americans, the Champions league will be broadcasted on FOX - is America starting to catch footy fever? (Fox Soccer)


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